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Generator systems

At PM ENERGI we have the country’s strongest program in generator systems and emergency power systems. We also supply emergency power from 8 kVA to several 1000 kVA for backup in case of power failure. 

We offer a large selection of standard systems as well as specially built systems for the customer’s specific needs. All generator sets and emergency power systems can be delivered as stationary and mobile units, so that the solution meets your specific requirements for security of supply. 

We often supply the complete installation of emergency power solutions, which typically includes generatorsystems, complete control and switching equipment, ventilation systems, flue gas systems with chimney and complete tank system. 

We deliver complete solutions to many different private and public companies and sectors, such as hospitals, datacentres, and as backup on Danish islands (For example Læsø or Middelgrundsfortet)

All installations are built with reputable diesel engines and generators, that meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality and reliability for emergency power. Our project department has extensive experience in the design of controls that comply with the strictest quality requirements in the field. 

Our product range of generator sets and emergency power installations include:

  • Manual generator sets and emergency power systems
  • Automatic startup
  • Synchronization to the grid
  • Built into noise-reducing canopy or containers
  • parallel operation 
  • Reserve power supply

We sell and supply generator sets in the following ways:

  • A generator sets comes finished from our supplier. After arrival, the installation will be tested at our workshop, and possibly built into a container. 
  • A finished generatorsystem is built at our workshop in Brønderslev. Loose engines and generators are assembled and built on a frame. 
  • All solutions can incluce installation and commissioning on site, or the systems only needs to be delivered on site. 

With an emergency power system from PM ENERGI, you avoid power failure and thus you secure your business against loss. 

For more information, see the data sheets for our engines from 8 kVA to 4500 kVA. 

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