PM ENERGI is a nationwide company with 60+ employees. Our main office is in Brønderslev and we have a fully staffed departmenet in Hedehusene on Sjælland. 

We are sales managers, project managers, technicians, administrative employees and many more. All with different skills, who work together with different backgrounds and experiences. 

Many years of specialized knowledge and seniority is part of the DNA at PM ENERGI: All employees have experience with our different areas of business. 


In our workshop we build all kinds of generator sets. Our employees have extensive experience in the construction of mechanical and technical solutions. Training an d courses at at our suppliers of components, engines and generators ensure a continous high level of competence in our production.  

Whether you need a small portable generator system or a large emergency power solution, the process is the same – and the quality control of the finished solution is extensive. No solution leaves the our workshop until all components, electrical installations and controls have been thoroughly tested. 


Sales department


Everyone on the sales team have an extensive theoretical and practical background. Technical knowledge and many years of experience is the cornerstone of the sales department.  Consulting on emergency power and security og supply is the core competence and we adapt the solution according to the needs of the specifik customer. We place great emphasis on dialogue and we always with the customer’s needs in mind. We advice on any concievable project in the field of emergency supply. From smaller mobile generator sets to large and more complex total deliveries in emergency power. The sales engineers work closely with the project department, production and service department to ensure that every customer gets exactly the solution that is the right one for their specific needs. 

Project department

Our project department consists of experts within different fields af tecnical backgrunds. 

Our project managers all have a background as a mechanical engineer and handle different tasks in connection with design, construction, troubleshooting and service. 

This both on the phone in case of troubleshooting at the customer’s facilities as well as “on-site” to the extent that is necessary. 

Service department

Our service department consists of both service managers and service fitters. Service managers, who make sure that whenever a customer has a problem with a generator or it is time for a servicecheck. And service fitters who handle the specific task. 

Everyone in our service department has a relevant background such as mechanical engineer, electrician, or diesel mechanic. In the service department, service and repair tasks (installation tasks) are performed on systems in continous operation, service inspections of emergency power systems with few annual operating hours and troubleshooting on generator- and UPS-systems. 

All fitters and service managers have a high level of professional product knowledge during planned service inspections and in connection with troubleshooting on systems and installations. 

Do you want to know more about emergency power, generator sets, service overhauls or UPS systems?

We are ready to assist. Get in touch today – press the button and fill out the form. 


We are the offical diealer of UPS-systems from Italian Riello UPS – one of Europe’s leading manufacures. When you install a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), not only do you get an uninterrupted power supply but also your very own power supply. All employees in the department are in close contact with our supplier and are always updated on the latest news and trends. 

Our staff is technically trained with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. 

A large product range means that we are able to tailer a UPS-solution fitted to the needs of the specific customer. 

Spare parts

With a large stock og spare parts and a wide network of suppliers, our spare parts sellers can provice spare parts for both new and discontinued models of diesel and gas engines, generators, auxiliary equipment such as switchboard components and whatever else may be needed. 

Our warehouse contains 20,000 item numbers and we are able to procure all non-stocked spare parts at a short notice. 


In the HR department, we focus on the well-being and health of our employees as well as a good working environment. This is, among other things, with surveys, that will help ensure that we have a workplace with a high job satisfaction and that the individual employee has the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. 


Bookkeeping is one of our smaller departments, but certainly not the least important. Documents, deposits and withdrawals, salaries etc. are handled by our competent accountants. 


In the marketing department the task is to find the good stories in order to give an insight into what goes on at PM ENERGI.  

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